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I liked what Alex Matlock wrote in his recent blog on needing to be rich in order to have success with women. I agree that you don’t need piles of money to get laid…in fact, it’s quite easy to pick up chicks with a minimum outlay of cash. The main ingredients you need are confidence and [...]
It’s always a pleasure to write up people I know, so this week’s edition of Awesome Men Throughout History is a special one. Goodloe Byron is someone I’ve known for a couple of years now, and he’s as much of a Maryland original as you’ll ever meet. They just don’t make dudes like him anywhere [...]
From Chicken Soup for the Soul to The 48 Laws of Power to Unlimited Power and The Art of War the titles in the self-help industry go on and on promising salvation and success for the downtrodden under-achiever. And throughout the positives and the negatives of this industry, the undeniable fact is that it is [...]
Club game, club girls and how to game them
Unleash your inner reptile and rug up in a turtleneck. It’s not a trend; it’s a timeless look. There are few rules when it comes to turtlenecks- they’re the perfect base piece for a creative layered outfit. No patterns Patterned sweaters can be a stylish statement, but patterned turtlenecks are a statement of the wrong [...]
Here’s a quick thing we want you to do. Get up out of your chair. Stand up straight. Lift up that shirt of yours. (Be careful not to offend anyone else in the office.) Take a nice, hard, cold look at the gut that is sitting right there on your belt line. Are you happy [...]
Since this is such a popular topic, I’ve finally decided to put together a small eBook about texting. Today’s article will feature 3 small chapters from that little gem. She’s Not Replying To Your Texts First step – Take a deep breath, don’t care. If you can force your mind to not care, you’re going [...]
I’m not sure how often it happens to you, but recently Memphis has come up in a lot of conversations for me. I have a friend that works for a company that is based in Memphis. (Surprisingly, it is not FedEx.) I know someone else that plans on taking a trip there soon to visit. [...]
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