Female Orgasm Video

Dr. Oz Shares His Secrets To More Sex

Written on 17 April 2010 by

Dr. Oz shares some of his secrets to getting more sex and keeping your relationship “spiced up”.  Plus he shares his thoughts on whether the G Spot really exists or not.

The Clitoris

Written on 19 December 2009 by

Jason Julius describes how to find the clitoris and gives away one of his best indirect stimulation clitoris techniques.

If you haven’t check out the free G Spot Tutorial yet from Jason you can do so at OrgasmArts.com

How To Finger A Girl | Video Tutorial

Written on 5 December 2009 by

Learn how to finger a girl and make her cum in this video tutorial by Jason Julius of Orgasm Arts

Female Ejaculation… Everything YOU Need to Know and More…

Written on 6 July 2009 by

Female Ejaculation or what’s also known as the Female Squirting Orgasm always seems to be a huge mystery for not only men but women too.  I made a short little video to hopefully help clear up some of the confusion of what exactly Female Ejaculation is and give you some tips on how you can help your female lover achieve a earth shattering Squirting Orgasm.  Enjoy!!

Watch my exclusive G Spot stimulation video only on Orgasm Arts

Female G Spot Stimulation Techniques | Tutorial Video

Written on 4 March 2009 by

Check out this video as Jason Julius describes how to quickly and easily find and stimulate the Female G Spot.

Click Here to Watch an Exclusive G Spot Stimulation Demonstration Video

Magic of Making Up – Don’t Text The Ex

Written on 11 September 2008 by

Another great video from T-Dub (the guru on how to get your ex back) this time he’s talking about Premature Reconciliation, check it out!

Download The Magic of Making Up Here!

Mehow Group Attraction Manifesto Has Been Released

Written on 3 August 2008 by

Hey guys, I hope you’re ready for this!

Mehow, possibly the best Pickup Artist in the world, has just released a product (actually more like an experience) that is going to change the way men learn how to approach women!


This is probably the most exciting thing to happen in the Pickup Artist Community since Mystery first released his M3 model to the world!

Mehow’s new methods and theory set a new foundation and a much deeper understanding of “Game” and will no doubt be the core of all future Pickup Artists in the future!

I know I mentioned this before but the infield video Mehow is offering is hands down the most comprehensive training you will get when it comes to learning this stuff. Even the guys who pay thousands just to go to a bootcamp for one weekend don’t get such a brilliant breakdown of how to step by step master the game of seduction.

The quality of the video is amazing! If you’ve ever tried to video tape yourself with hidden mic and camera then you know that it’s extremely difficult to pull off this level of quality and deliver massive value in terms of teaching guys exactly what to do and say in almost any situation.

If you’re set on mastering the art of Pickup then there is no doubt this is the best training you will ever see!


Talk Soon,



Female Orgasm Techniques – 2 Finger Method

Written on 30 July 2008 by

I made this short video as an add-on to what I’ve already talked about in the Female Orgasm Secrets. In Female Orgasm Secrets I discuss G Spot Orgasms, Deep Spot Orgasms, More Female Orgasm Techniques, plus I talk about Squirting Orgasms and actually show you a video of a real woman having a real squirting orgasm!

You can check out over 30 minutes of free content here:

SargeNation Exclusive “Female Orgasm Secrets” Video

Here’s to giving women extreme pleasure!


Finally live pickup videos!

Written on 22 July 2008 by

I have some really cool live pickup videos to show you…

As you probably know, the best way to learn to get REALLY good with
approaching REALLY fast is to watch a Pickup Artist or Dating Coach in
action. Why else would tons of guys spend  THOUSANDS of dollars for
just one weekend of live bootcamp action?

Until now taking a bootcamp has really been the only way to quickly
learn how to approach and meet women the CORRECT way, but that’s
about to change.

This is where Mehow comes in…

If you haven’t heard of Mehow he’s one of the best Pickup Artists
in the Seduction Community and what he teaches is probably the
most revolutionary method to ever hit the Pickup Artist Community.

Mehow has winged with some of the best Pickup Artists including
Mystery from the VH1 hit TV series “The Pickup Artist”.

His bootcamps have been rated the best and he works along side big
names in the community such as Hypnotica, the ultimate “Inner
Game” guru and more.

It recently came to my attention that Mehow is releasing a product
that will change the way that guys learn how to approach…

He’s put together LIVE in field video of himself and his students
doing approaches and does a “play by play” of what he’s doing in
each scenario!

This can be extremely hard to do, as hidden camera recordings in
nightclubs is very hard to pull off.

Not only does Mehow pull it off, but the video quality is hands
down the best I’ve ever seen!

This method of learning is going to accelerate the learning curve
and turn guys into approach masters quicker than ever!

Mehow has some really cool fr’ee videos on his site. Once you’re
inside the site he has 5 more fr’ee live pickup videos!

Check it out here:


This is going to be the answer to all the guys who still worry what
to say, or run into sticking points that they can’t get by, or
just haven’t fully “gotten it” when it comes to approaching.

If you want to be the best you can at approaching, this is your


Talk Soon,

Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Written on 14 July 2008 by

We always seem to get a ton of guys writing in asking us questions about how to get their ex-girlfriend back or how to save a relationship that is starting to sink.

While I have mixed feelings about getting back together with ex-girlfriends, I also understand that there are many relationships that fall apart for the wrong reasons.

Those unusually awesome relationships where you wish you could do something to go back and do things different, or change things before it’s to late.

That’s where my friend “T Dub” comes in. He’s sort of your “outside the box” expert on helping both men and women get there ex back or fix their relationships before it’s to late.

I have to warn you “T Dub” is not a professional counselor, in fact counselors hate him because while they get paid hundreds of dollars per session, T Dub’s very unconventional method works quickly and consistantly, and to be honest it’s almost scarey how well it works.

Just a little Disclaimer…

This stuff is powerful so please use this only to mend a good relationship. Don’t use this get yourself back into an unhealthy relationship. And especially do not use this if you are a stalker, ex convict, or have any crazy issues.


Ok, so “T Dub” made a couple of cool videos to tell you more about how he works his magic of making up.

Here’s the first one:

Watch the second video and learn more about “T Dub’s” Magic Of Making Up by going here:


Best Of Luck!


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