Each relationship has its own set of challenges, but when it is a long distance relationship, additional problems can arise and cause the relationship to fall apart a lot quicker. To keep a long distance relationship strong, you must ensure that she remains attracted to you in a sexual way and looks up to you […]
One thing TSB has noticed about self-starters in the tech industry is that they tend to stay there. And why wouldn’t they? If I was one of those guys who became a multi-millionaire in my late 20s, I’d nail my feet to the floor of the industry that brought me there. Clearly, Jonathan Kaplan isn’t […]
I haven’t done online dating in nearly a year, so I’m a little out of the game, but I recently heard about a hot new app called Tinder. Tinder is supposed to be ridiculously easy to connect with and bang chicks. As my single roommate says, “It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.” Similar to […]
We’re going to keep things pretty light here today, as a whole lot of you have off from work and school and what-not, and we’re not going to waste your time online when you can be out enjoying the beautiful weather or… not so beautiful weather, depending where you live. But we did want to […]
One of the things that we will never understand in the world of jock culture, or bro-ism, or machismo, is the group of guys ...
When we were little, someone once mentioned that seaweed was in toothpaste. We didn’t brush our teeth for a few weeks because we couldn’t ...
The rise of geek culture over the past ten years or so has been fueled, at least in TSB’s opinion, by a lot of ...
It’s one thing to be fashionable; it’s quite another to be attractive. Luckily, you can do both at the same time, even if you were born neither fashionable nor attractive. With these nifty tips you’ll have ladies swooning over you in no time. Unbutton your shirt Women have cleavage. Why shouldn’t you? Unbuttoning your shirt […]
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